No Saints

The impulsive & passionate founder.


The seeds for No Saints were planted in mid 2018, when founder Caroline was frustrated with the (lack of) non leather options for accessories, and shoes in particular.

Back to business.

Having worked in Supply Chain for most of my career, it was my passion for animal welfare combined with a can-do attitude that initially led me to venture into fashion and create No Saints.

I’m Brazilian, but have called Australia home since 2014. I love the simple things in life, like comfort food and cuddly dogs, and is immensely passionate about growing No Saints to make a positive impact on the world.

Why the name No Saints?

I chose the name no saints because often vegans are considered “morally superior” and people think that if they can’t be 100% vegan. Then why bother trying at all? I wanted to get rid of that notion and explain that you don’t have to be perfect or you don’t have to be a “saint”. All you have to do is try your best and reduce a little bit of animal cruelty if possible.

So by buying No Saints you are reducing the use of leather or other materials that use animal products but you are still buying cool and stylish shoes!

Our sneakers are handcrafted by highly skilled shoemakers in Portugal. Each pair goes through many hands, each doing their bit with love and care, to put together the final product before it makes its way to you.

After many months spent researching materials, visiting factories, developing prototypes and putting our shoes to the wear test, we finally have a collection we’re madly in love with and we hope you feel the same!

We use some of the best animal free materials currently available. We simply don’t compromise on quality and ethics.

Making high quality products in the most ethical way.

Traditional shoe makers

Hand made

Local materials