My story. journey. recovery.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye.


In Barcelona, September 2019, I was on my way to a restaurant for our breakfast. The cross road was green for me. That’s when I was hit by a police car.

But let’s go back a little.

I was born and raised in Brazil. I am an only child and I was always a very determined person. I always had a thirst for learning so after I finished school I went to university and studying civil engineering and then business administration in Brazil. But I still didn’t have enough study. And when I arrived in Sydney in 2014, I studied supply chain management at UTS.

I had previously been to Sydney in 2009 and loved it. I always knew that I wanted to travel and live somewhere else and Australia had won my heart.

I was here for many years and was a material planning manager at a food company. But I was a very passionate vegan by then. Over this time, I knew I had to pursue something following my passion for veganism.

And so I decided to quit my job and created my own animal-free sneaker company, No Saints. It was a bit difficult for me, but I really wanted vegan options here in Australia. And I’m not afraid of a challenge.

The Brazil days

Living life, loving adventures.

My No Saints

Barcelona, Monday morning…

On a 3 week holiday, I was travelling around Europe. I stayed at the hotel in Barcelona for a couple of days and was about to go to Ibiza. That was 9am Monday, 9 September 2019.

9.55am Monday…


I was on my way to a restaurant for our breakfast. The cross road was green for me. That’s when I was hit by a police car. The reports said I was dragged but I was actually propelled 13 meters away. The police car had no sirens on since they were going too fast and chasing a nearby emergency.

At the hospital, the doctors told my mom that I may not survive. If I did, I wouldn’t walk. I wouldn’t talk. I wouldn’t recognise people.

So a different journey began.

Life-changing events and a long path ahead.

The next few days.

A helping hand.

Critical care by a fantastic medical team.

A little more hair. A little more healing.

I was in a proper coma for about 2 weeks and then I started to recover but I was minimally conscious for about 4 months (not talking and not understanding a lot). So that’s why I often say 4 months for coma.

I had a tracheostomy tube and had to learn how to breathe on my own, had to learn how to swallow without choking before they could take my tube out.

I also had to learn to speak, to open and close my eyes, to smile and to understand what I was told or asked, to walk, to write, to use the cutlery to eat, speak in English and Portuguese… it was a long and difficult journey.

I was in rehab for many months learning all of these basic skills again. I worked really hard and was so determined to get better.

A year after the accident, I finally returned back to Australia  (because COVID-19 stopped me from travelling sooner) and have continued my rehab from home in Bondi.

I’m grateful that I have my sneaker business to focus on and am writing a book to help share my story with others whilst I continue this crazy journey!


Broken Girl

This is the true story of how Caroline solved her own mystery and reclaimed her life.

A jagged and luminous survivor’s account and a defant celebration of imperfection, Broken Girl is a powerful and poetic work of staggering loss and betrayal, ferce beauty, dark humour, love and rage.

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